Personal Care

  • Modicare Fresh Moment- Tooth Paste, 100 gm

    Rs. 75

    Unleash an intense blast of lasting freshness in your mouth, each time you brush with Modicare Fresh peppermint ice gel toothpaste. Infused with cooling crystals, this blue gel toothpaste keeps your breath fresh for long hours.

  • Modicare Fruit Of The Earth Shampoo With Henna & Jojoba Oil

    Rs. 195 Rs. 185

    A special shampoo for falling and weak hair. Unique combination of Indian & exotic herbs help strengthen & nourish hair roots, prevent hair fall & help promote new hair growth. Soothes scalp; adds volume to hair. Amazing formula for soft, silky and shining hair that adds body, bounce & sheen to the hair. Regular use makes styling and provides vital nourishment. Features & Benefits Almond Oil: Rich in proteins; nourishes and protects hair from damage Aloe Vera: Builds body and volume. Makes hair soft, shiny & healthy.